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4Incentives for investments in certain regions

4.2 Regional Aid granted by the Autonomous Communities

Some Spanish Autonomous Communities also provide similar incentives, on a smaller scale, for investments made in their regions. Only some of these incentives are compatible with those granted by the EU or the State. Specifically, if State regional incentives have been applied for in connection with a given project, the maximum limits established in each Royal Decree of demarcation must be taken into account.

In fact, some Autonomous Communities grant investment incentives in areas not covered by state legislation but which are included in the regional financial aid maps approved by the European Union for Spain.

Most Autonomous Community incentives are granted on an annual basis, although the general conditions of the incentives do not usually change substantially from year to year.

In view of the impossibility of including a detailed description of the aid granted by each Autonomous Community, we summarize below their main and traditional features (which are generally very similar to those of State regional incentives).

Nonetheless, bear in mind that the incentives granted by the Autonomous Communities are also affected by the content of the Guidelines on regional State aid for the 2022-2027 period, and by the limits and maximum aid intensity percentages established in the above-mentioned regional aid Map approved for Spain.

4.2.1 Types of project

Opening of new establishments, expansion of activities, modernization and technological innovation. The creation of new jobs is normally required.

4.2.2 Main industries

In general, the main eligible industries are industrial support services, processing industries, tourism, culture, industrial design, electronics and computing, renewable and environmental energies.

4.2.3 Project requirements

They are basically the same as those imposed at State level.

4.2.4 Types of incentive

The main incentives are:

  • Nonrefundable subsidies.
  • Special conditions for loans and credit.
  • Technical counseling and training courses.
  • Tax incentives.
  • Guarantees.
  • Social security relief.