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3Local taxes

3.1 Periodic taxes

3.1.1 Tax on real estate

This tax is levied annually on owners of real estate or on holders of rights in rem over real estate based on the cadastral value determined pursuant to the Property Cadaster regulations, at different rates up to a maximum of 1.30% for urban property and 1.22% for rural property.

3.1.2 Tax on business activity

This tax is levied annually on any business activity conducted within the territory of the municipality.

However, the following taxpayers are exempted from this tax:

  • Individuals.
  • Taxpayers who start a business activity within Spanish territory, during the two first tax periods in which they carry on the activity.
  • Taxpayers subject to CIT and entities without legal personality whose net sales (at group level according to article 42 of the Commercial Code) in the previous year were under €1 million.
  • In the case of taxpayers subject to nonresident income tax, the exemption will only apply to those operating in Spain through a permanent establishment, provided that they obtained net sales of under €1 million in the previous year.

The tax payable is calculated on the basis of various factors (type of activity, area of premises, net revenues, etc.). The minimum tax rates published by the Government can be adapted by the municipal authorities.