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2Financial institutions

2.9 Securization vehicles

In general, securitization consists of the conversion of collection rights into standardized fixed-income securities for possible subsequent trading on regulated securities markets, where they can be purchased by investors.

Securitization is Spain is carried out through securitization funds ("Securitization Funds" or "SF"). The SF is a separate pool of assets that has no legal personality, with a net asset value of zero, whose assets are made up of present or future collection rights, grouped in the manner indicated in Law 5/2015, and whose liabilities are made up of the fixed-income securities which they issue and of credit facilities granted by any third party.

Securitization funds are regulated by Law 5/2015.

SFs can be set up as closed-end funds (in which neither the assets nor the liabilities of the fund change after it is formed) and open-end funds (in which their assets and/or liabilities may be modified after they are formed).

Asset securitization vehicles are managed by specialized management companies ("securitization fund managers") whose purpose is the formation, administration and legal representation of the fund and of banking asset funds in the terms envisaged in Law 9/2012 of November 14, 2012 on the Restructuring and Resolution of Credit Institutions. Management Companies can also set up, manage and represent funds and special purpose vehicles equivalent to securitization funds which are set up abroad in accordance with whatever legislation may be applicable.