Logo Guide to Business in Spain

10Practical aspects to be considered when setting up a company in Spain

In general, from a labor and social security standpoint, the following essential formalities must be performed in order to open a company or workplace in Spain.

FormalityBasic aspects
Registration of the company with the Spanish social security authorities (obtainment of a social security contribution account code)Registration must take place prior to commencement of activities.

In general, companies register with the Social Security General Treasury by submitting the relevant official form2 and documentation identifying the company (deed of formation, document issued by the Ministry of Finance assigning the tax identification number and stating the economic activity of the company, powers of legal representation of the company, document of affiliation to the collaborator mutual insurance company, among others).
Notification of hiring of employeesThe hiring of employees must be notified for social security purposes once the company has been registered with the social security authorities and before the workers start work.

Notifications are generally made electronically, using the RED electronic document submission system.
Notification of opening of workplaceThe commencement of activities at the workplace must be notified to the labor authorities within 30 days of its opening using the official form provided for such purpose in each Autonomous Community. An occupational risk prevention plan must usually also be attached.