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8Other alternatives for investing in Spain

8.4. Venture capital entities

Another way to invest in Spain is to take up temporary stakes in the capital of companies established in Spain (i.e. non-real estate, non-financial and unlisted companies) by forming venture capital entities. Venture capital is defined as those investment strategies that channel financing directly and indirectly to companies, maximize the value of the company through management and professional advice, and divest from the company with a view to earning high gains for the investors. Through this channel, it is possible to invest both in start-up business projects (venture capital), and in already mature companies with a proven track record of profitability (private equity).

The current regulation of venture capital in Spain, contained in Law 22/2014 of November 12, regulating venture capital entities, other closed-end collective investment undertakings and the management companies of closed-end collective investment undertakings (the “Venture Capital Law”), relaxes the legislative framework for these entities with, among others, the aim of helping them to raise more funds to be able to finance a larger number of companies.