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3Tax Identification Number (N.I.F.) and Foreigner Identity Number (N.I.E.)

The applicable Spanish legislation currently requires that any individual or legal entity with economic or professional interests in Spain, or involved in a relevant way for tax purposes, must hold a tax identification number (in the case of legal entities) or a foreigner identity number (for individuals). In particular, and among other cases, a N.I.F./N.I.E. must be applied for when a foreign investor makes a direct investment in Spain or in the case of a shareholder or director of an entity resident in Spain or of a foreign entity’s branch or permanent establishment located in Spain.

The following tables summarize the documentation and steps required to obtain (i) a N.I.E. for individuals who are to be shareholders or directors of companies resident in Spain, tax and legal representatives of branches located in Spain, permanent establishments or limited liability entrepreneurs; (ii) a N.I.F. for legal entities that are to be shareholders or directors of companies resident in Spain or owners of a branch in Spain or permanent establishments; and (iii) the provisional and definitive N.I.F. of the company resident in Spain that is to be set up.